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  • Contura 810
    Contura 810
  • Contura 850
    Contura 850
  • Contura 880
    Contura 880
  • Contura 820T
    Contura 820T
  • Contura 860T
    Contura 860T
Contura - 810
Contura 810
Output – 3-6 KW
Efficiency – 81 %
Weight – 72/85 kg
Height – 915 mm
Depth – 360 mm
Width – 460 mm

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01622 676127
We wanted to keep a bit of a raw feeling with the thick stone walls. The flames behind the large area of glass give a lovely contrast and the fire heats really well. We love the elliptical shape of our sturdy little stove!"



Contura - 850
Contura 850
Output – 3-6 KW
Efficiency – 78 %
Weight – 103 kg
Height – 915 mm
Depth – 360 mm
Width – 460 mm

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01622 676127
“Our small mountain cabin has lasted many years. When we renovated and extended we decided to put the stove in the middle of the main cabin to make the most of the heat and light. The attractive stove with large glass areas is perfect! When we are not here we yearn for the stove as much as the nature.”


Contura 880
Contura 880
Output – 3-6 KW
Efficiency – 78 %
Weight – 90 kg
Height – 1060 mm
Depth – 360 mm
Width – 460 mm

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01622 676127
"Compromise is not my style and I am always looking for items that make a statement instead of apologizing. But it wasn’t just the shape, glass and height that I fell for. The technology, the efficiency of the firebox and the smart controls really impressed!”



Contura 820T
Contura 820T
Output – 3-6 KW
Efficiency – 78 %
Weight – 125 kg
Height – 930 mm
Depth – 360 mm
Width – 460 mm

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01622 676127
“A lot could be preserved in my old cottage but not the wood stove. I think it's nicer to see the fire as well as I do now and the soapstone retains heat for a very long time. In addition, it is really attractive.”



Contura 860T
Contura 860T
Output – 3-6 KW
Efficiency – 78 %
Weight – 125 kg
Height – 930 mm
Depth – 360 mm
Width – 460 mm

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01622 676127
"In the autumn we move many plants indoors so that we can enjoy them next summer as well. The winter garden is an old dream that has finally become a reality and thanks to the stove we can be here all year round. Our neighbour really likes the light of the fire that shines like a beacon in the winter darkness…”



Stove Efficiency and the Environment
Environmentally-friendly wood burning means that you should be able to run the stove efficiently at both high and low outputs, Contura stovescan do both. The most environmentally-friendly output at which to run the stove is 3-7 kW, which we recommend.

Tested and approved according to the stringent P marking regulations issued by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, SPI. This indicates that the highest quality requirements set by the EU and Sweden have been fulfilled. The stove is also CE marked, which is the EU’s common requirement for different products.

An efficiency of up to 80% means that a large proportion of the wood’s energy content can be used and converted to heat that is spread throughout the house.

As the premier stove manufacturer in Sweden, we at Nibe Brasvârme are committed to Swan marking our stoves. We are proud of the fact that our stoves meet strict requirements of Swan marking. The standards are worked out in consultation with experts from business, environmental organisations and the authorities. Choosing to Swan mark our products is one aspect of our vision to be a company of the future with equally high quality standards regarding the environment. Essentially all consumption affects the environment. There are, however, some products that affect the environment less than others. These products are Swan marked. A Swan marked product is always a step towards a better environment, at the same time the purchase gives you high quality and excellent function.

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