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Eco Ideal - Eco 1
Eco 1
Performance – 5.5 KW

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A compact choice
We’ve squeezed all the eco features into a compact model. Perfect for British family homes. We don’t all have country manors with enormous fireplaces. So we asked our engineers to design a compact heater for today’s British family. They’ve excelled themselves. With all the gorgeous good looks and features of the bigger versions, the eco 1 also has surprisingly neat dimensions. With a depth of only 363cm, the eco 1 won’t dominate your room. But it’s still got all our landmark technologies: the ‘eco-ideal Cleanburn’ system for efficient burning and a hot airwash for cleaner glass. Whether yours is a period terrace or a chic new home, the eco 1 will fit your lifestyle beautifully.
Eco 1 Tech Data
Eco Ideal - Eco 2
Eco 2
Performance – 7 KW

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Back to basics
This hard-working stove will serve your family for decades – and its classic looks will never go out of fashion. You want a heater you can rely on? Something that’s well made, and adaptable to different fuels? Something that won’t be shut in a cupboard, but will provide a focal point? Well here it is. We’re returning to classic stoves for a reason: they’re stylish, they’re efficient, and they won’t fail in a power cut. The eco 2 produces an impressive 5.kW (max) of heat thanks to eco-ideal Cleanburn technology, which maximises results and reduces emissions. What’s more, you can use it to burn all kinds of fuel – including the branches that you pruned last year*. Forget flicking a switch and adjusting a thermostat, and get back to basics. * Ensure wood is 20% moisture or less. Heat Output Range:
Eco 2 Tech Data
Eco Ideal - Eco 4
Eco 4
Eco 4
Performance – 6.5 KW

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In a tight spot?
If your room is small or your hearth is narrow, here’s your perfect match.
The eco 4 is our solution to a problem that is familiar in many British homes: awkward room shape, small fireplace. This space-saving room heater is not stingy when it comes to performance.
You can load the compact fuel bed with smokeless fuel or wood and still enjoy a generous output of 5kW. This British-built heater features eco-ideal Cleanburn technology to make sure you get every bit of heat from your fuel.
The gorgeous single-pane door gives you a panoramic view, while a hot airwash keeps the glass cleaner. In other words, it’s all our best bits – in a handsome, slender package.
Eco 4 Tech Data
Eco Ideal - Eco 6
Eco 6
Eco 6
Performance – 8 KW

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Hot hearth, warm heart
Want a roaring fire, without the carbon guilt? Our biggest eco model blasts out 6.5kW – and it still meets the Clean Air Act requirement*. We don’t mean to boast, but you just won’t find a better room heater than this. Want a roaring fire, without the carbon guilt? Our biggest eco model blasts out 6.5kW – and it still meets the Clean Air Act requirement. We don’t mean to boast, but you just won’t find a better room heater than this. The eco 6 is a medium-sized stove with a very big heart. Load it up with seasoned wood and enjoy a cosy fire with our lowest-ever emissions. You want the best for your family, and we’ve made it happen: you’ll get eco-ideal Cleanburn and Tripleburn technology for performance, plus hot airwash for convenience. Our engineers put their very best work into making the EcoFamily a British best.
What better recommendation could there be? Eco 6 Tech Data
Triple burn technology
eco-ideal Tripleburn® technology
So how does our famous Tripleburn work? It involves the use of three streams of air to maximise combustion. Air is drawn in beneath the fuel, above the fuel (passing in front of the glass door), and behind the fuel. This hot air improves ignition so that the wood or smokeless fuel is burned more efficiently.

What this efficiency actually means is that you’ll get more warmth from your stove – a better performance from less fuel. You can heat your living space for less than other options might cost. It also means that there’s less carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon travelling up the chimney – for a cleaner atmosphere. So there’s an environmental benefit on top of the economical benefit. Some would call it win-win-win; we call it Tripleburn.

Airwash keeps the glass clean
Hot Airwash Technology does the work for you. A secondary air ‘wash’ maintains a stream of air between fuel and door, reducing the build-up of carbon deposits on the glass.

Optimum woodburning conditions
The Tripleburn® technology improves the ignition of the fuel, with a jet of air directed into the heart of the fire. When the grate is in the closed position, creating a flat base, it allows a deep bed of ash to build up – these are the optimum conditions for burning wood.

Optimum solid fuel burning conditions
When burning smokeless fuel, the grate is moved to the open position by a single turn of the handle. Air is then directed under the open grate and into the heart of the fire, ensuring a clean, efficient burn.

Independently CE tested and approved
All the stoves in the eco-ideal range meet the stringent CE approval test requirements Designed for and tested under the Danish testing standards.
• Tripleburn® technology
• Exceptionally hot air wash
• Dust free, safe and easy riddling
• Multi-fuel grate system for burning wood or solid fuel

Eco E


Eco Ideal and the Environment

Lowering your environmental impact
Concerned about your carbon footprint? Take action. Our eco range of fires offer efficient home heating – with minimal environmental impact. And we’ve got the test results to prove it…

DEFRA Clean Air Act Approved Approved for Smoke Control Areas
If you live in a designated Smoke Control Area, the Clean Air Act prevents you from emitting smoke from your chimney – with offenders facing a fine of up to £1000. This means you’re usually only able to burn authorised smokeless fuel. However, the Eco-ideal isn’t like ordinary stoves. It smokes so little that come October 2011 DEFRA will declare it exempt from the Clean Air regulations. This means that you can use a Eco-ideal (with grate) to burn wood logs, even if you live in a Smoke Control Area. The Eco-ideal’s built-in technology ensures that emissions are consistently low. We’re delighted to have met the stringent demands of the Department for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. And, especially if you’re in a Smoke Control Area, you’ll be equally delighted with the results.e choosing your new stove, take a closer look at its environmental credentials. Choose a stove thatís designed for cleaner air.

Donít compromise on emissions. When the first Cleanburn model was tested for carbon monoxide emissions in a renowned Danish laboratory, it performed exceptionally well. Scandinavia has the strictest requirements in Europe: stoves must have emissions of 0.3% or lower. The LÝvenholm surpassed standards with a carbon emission rate of 0.19%.

But what does all this mean? Essentially, it means that the Cleanburn models are burning fuel more efficiently than traditional multi-fuel stoves. The particulate emission (smoke) rate of 2.99g/kg is much lower than traditional stoves, resulting in less pollution to the atmosphere. Choosing a Cleanburn stove is just one way to start reducing your impact on the environment.

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