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  • Hunter Hawk3Hawk 3
  • Hunter Herald 4
    Herald 4
  • Hunter Hearald 8
    Herald 8
  • Hunter Herald 14
    Herald 14
Hunter - Hawk 3
Hawk 3
Performance – 3.5 - 4 KW
Weight 70 Kg
Height – 507 mm
Depth – 342 mm
Width – 346 mm

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01622 676127

Meet the Hawk. You’ll be charmed by its size – but don’t underestimate its power. It has all the features of a bigger model – Cleanburn technology, wipe-free glass and cool-touch handles – in smaller stature. In fact its compact size betrays its exquisite engineering. No wonder it works so hard to win your approval. The Hawk features a mighty heat output of 4-4.5kW. All that fire from such a small stove? You have to meet the Hawk to believe it.
Hunter - Herald 4
Herald 4
Performance – 4- 5 KW
Weight 90 Kg
Height – 550 mm
Depth – 397 mm
Width – 460 mm

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01622 676127

Stop gazing at the colour choices, and concentrate. The Herald 4 may look stylish, but it’s actually all about the engineering. Our design experts have incorporated Cleanburn (for cleaner air), hot airwash (for cleaner glass) and traditional looks (for cleaner appeal). Yes, it’s beautifully styled, but don’t you want to know about the triple airstream? Or the cool-touch handle that allows you to switch between logs and anthracite? The 5kW output? Whatever your reason for choosing the Herald 4, it’s one impulse you won’t regret this winter...
Hunter - Herald 8
Herald 8
Performance – 7.5 - 9 KW
Weight 70 Kg
Height – 620 mm
Depth – 440 mm
Width – 650 mm

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01622 676127
Looking for a low-maintenance stove? Try the Herald 8. First, pick up some logs (up to 20” – the larger the better). Lay the grate and light your fire. Now you’re free to enjoy your evening. Because an internal airwash keeps the glass clean, and an adjustable air-flow lets you leave the fire on overnight. That means you’ve got no cleaning or re-lighting to worry about. This family-sized stove, with an output of up to 11kW, is virtually fuss-free. Use the links below to choose your options and customise your own Herald 8.
Hunter - Herald 14
Herald 14
Performance – 11.6 - 12.5 Kw
Weight 70 Kg
Height – 766 mm
Depth – 644 mm
Width – 508 mm

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01622 676127
The stove. Supersized. What do you get from the Herald 14? Take a look at these figures. This enormous stove generates a heat output of up to 15kW – that’s three times the power of some compact models. With its large fuel bed (for wood or solid fuel), it can be laid and left to smoulder for up to 12 hours. No doubt about it: this is a truly serious stove, equipped with our finest technology. Its efficiency, capacity, and performance make it perfect for big rooms – and big heat.
Triple burn technology
Tripleburn technology is what gives Cleanburn stoves their super-low emission rates.
It ensures that the fuel is fully burned, which means there’s less smoke escaping up the chimney.

So how does Tripleburn work? Three streams of air are directed into the stove to maximise combustion.
Air is drawn in beneath the fuel, above the fuel (passing in front of the glass door), and behind the fuel. This hot air improves ignition so that fuel burns more efficiently, leaving less to be released into the atmosphere.

The triple stream technology ensures that air is always directed to the right place. If you’re burning wood, close the grate – the air from above, directed into the heart of the fire, enables optimum burning.

For smokeless fuels, open the grate and allow the air to flow through the bed, which provides the best conditions for these fuels.

Finally, the air stream that passes between the fire and the glass door is particularly important, because it prevents carbon deposits from building up on the glass. Which, as anyone who owns a stove can tell you, will save you a chore on cleaning day.


Cleanburn and the Environment
When you’re choosing your new stove, take a closer look at its environmental credentials. Choose a stove that’s designed for cleaner air.

Don’t compromise on emissions. When the first Cleanburn model was tested for carbon monoxide emissions in a renowned Danish laboratory, it performed exceptionally well. Scandinavia has the strictest requirements in Europe: stoves must have emissions of 0.3% or lower. The Løvenholm surpassed standards with a carbon emission rate of 0.19%.

But what does all this mean? Essentially, it means that the Cleanburn models are burning fuel more efficiently than traditional multi-fuel stoves. The particulate emission (smoke) rate of 2.99g/kg is much lower than traditional stoves, resulting in less pollution to the atmosphere. Choosing a Cleanburn stove is just one way to start reducing your impact on the environment.

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