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Parkray - Consort 4

Consort 4
Performance – 3 - 4.5 KW
Height – 552 mm
Width – 396 mm
Depth – 342 mm

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The Consort 4 is a compact stove for intimate settings. Its stylish outline and eco-friendly credentials make it one of our most popular models.

Space may be tight, but there’s no need to compromise on your stove. This multi-fuel stove has a powerful presence. With an average of 4kW heat output, the Consort 4 outperforms many of its bigger competitors. And it’s not just big on heat: it’s big on features, too.

After 20 years of making our acclaimed stoves, we’ve harnessed our expertise to produce a functional, no-compromise, super-compact model. Of course you can use it to burn wood, coal or sustainable fuel; you can trust it to smoulder away overnight; and you can adjust the grate using the cool-touch handle. But you can expect even more from a Consort.

Our revolutionary ‘Cleanburn’ technology allows fewer gases into the atmosphere than traditional stoves do. It does this by reigniting the gases that are released as the fuel burns, which gives you even more heat and reduces environmental gas emissions.

Need another reason to choose the Consort 4? Just like the rest of the range, the 4 has a clever ‘airwash’, which keeps smoke and carbon off the glass window (so you don’t have to).

So – for cosy, romantic moments without the environmental or cleaning consequences – the Consort 4 is a clear winner

Parkray - Consort 5

Consort 5
Performance – 4 KW
Height – 551 mm
Width – 460 mm
Depth – 363 mm

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Interior design at its finest. Cottage and logs The Consort 5 is a big designer statement. Sleek and chic, it’s perfect for aspiring decorators. And there’s no pretentious price-tag.

Wood or charcoal? Green or blue? Minimalist or country? This stove is built to be styled by you, your way. Clean lines and modern technology come as standard. (This wouldn’t be a Parkray if it didn’t.) But you define the rest. Essential design features are built in.

Our favourites include:
• Cleanburn technology, for our best-yet performance
• Multi-fuel grate to burn wood or other solid fuel
• A cool-touch handle for riddling
• Hot airwash to keep the glass clean
• Lower carbon emissions than our competitors’ stoves
• Maximum heat output of 5kW

The rest is over to you. Design your stove to complement the walls, the floor, or the dog. Customise your Consort 5 with a metallic finish in green, blue, or black. Add brass fittings or a canopy.

Parkray - Consort 7

Consort 7
Performance – 5.5 - 6.5 KW
Height – 563 mm
Depth – 575 mm
Width – 405 mm

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The environment-friendly, no-clean stove Cottage and frosty leaves If you’re looking for a stove that’s kind to the environment – as well as being kind to you – it has to be a Consort. The 7 is our mid-range stove for busy people.

The Consort 7, like other models in the range, has timeless appeal. But beneath those old-style looks lies a truly modern stove. The days of smoke-puffing chimneys and sooty windows are past: with the Consort 7, you can enjoy a good old wood fire without the harmful emissions or the elbow grease.

How have they done it?
Firstly, to reduce emissions, an air jet ignites the gases which are released during combustion, so they burn away cleanly.

Secondly, a recouper inside the stove directs the heat given off by the fuel, so it stays inside the stove for longer, being directed outwards rather than upwards.

And finally, an internal ‘airwash’ creates jets of air between the fire and the glass door, so that carbon deposits can’t reach the glass. Your stove stays cleaner, the environment stays healthier, and your home stays warmer – and that’s all you could ask from a stove.

Parkray - Consort 9

Consort 9
Performance – 7.5 - 9 KW
Height – 634 mm
Width – 634 mm
Depth – 403 mm

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The deceptively powerful mid-weight stove Cottage and water pump With a heat output averaging 9kW, the Consort 9 fits nicely in the middle of our range. But there’s nothing average about the performance of this workhorse.

Forget DIY. The Consort 9 does it all: heats your home, runs your hot water, and toasts your crumpets. Despite its smaller stature it issues an amazing 9kW of heat, which is perfect for warming up family rooms. But that’s not all it does. The Consort 9 can burn wood, charcoal or sustainable fuels – change your mind at the twist of a cool-touch handle – and maintains its ‘Cleanburn’ system throughout.

This brilliant new technology works in two ways: firstly, a ‘recouper’ and internal lining ensure that heat stays inside the stove, being directed outwards rather than upwards. Secondly, unburned gases are reignited inside the stove, so that there’s less to go up the chimney. And in return for all this hard work, the Consort 9 doesn’t even ask you to clean it.

A special ‘airwash’ creates jets of hot air between fire and door, preventing the glass from getting blackened – so you can put away that dishcloth. The Consort 9’s busy doing it for you.

Parkray - Consort 15

Consort 15
Performance – 11.5 KW
Height – 658 mm
Width – 730 mm
Depth – 513 mm

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The family-sized stove. Beach huts and lobster pots This real wood-burning stove will become the heart of your home, providing a cosy spot for family gatherings and warming the largest rooms.

If you’re looking for a generous stove to manage the demands of a large house or family, the Consort 15 is simply perfect. With heat output of between 14 and 17kW, it’s warm enough for even the coldest-blooded relatives!

This new model has been 20 years in the making, and it’s packed with features. You can burn wood or other solid fuels (just adjust the grate using the riddling handle), and the stove’s clever ‘Cleanburn’ technology reduces gas emissions.

Thoughtful features – like a handle that stays cool, and a recouper to direct heat into your room – improve its performance even further. There’s good news for the housekeeper, too: a clever ‘airwash’ system keeps smoke and carbon deposits from forming on the glass front, so there’s less cleaning to do.

After a cosy night in front of the fire, simply shut the door and leave it to smoulder overnight, keeping a gentle temperature ready for you at dawn. Morning, noon and night, the Consort 15 will soon become the heart of your home.

Parkray - Inset 5

Inset 5
Performance – 4.5 KW
Height – 588 mm
Width – 539 mm

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01622 676127

Cottage and logs Future-proof your fire. The Consort 5 Inset sits flush to the surround for a modern look.

It’s up-to-date in every way. The latest technology is combined with an elegant inset shape that fits subtly into any room. If your fireplace is designed for an inset – or you prefer the modern look – this is the stove for you. It’s designed with all of our award-winning features:

• Cleanburn technology to reduce emissions
• A hot airwash to keep the glass clean
• Heat output of 4.5kW (max)
• A cool-touch handle to riddle the grate
• The option to burn wood or solid fuel.

Frame the minimalist design in glossy granite or understated limestone, and enjoy a modern masterpiece in your living or dining room. Wherever you put it, all eyes are on this flickering flatscreen.

Triple burn technology
Consort stoves incorporate the new Parkray Cleanburn technology. The term ‘Cleanburn’ means that the stoves are more eco-friendly and efficient than conventional stoves, contributing to a cleaner environment.

A. The internal mineral lining maximises the firebox temperature, ensuring complete combustion

B. The recouper reduces heat lost up the chimney, therefore maximising heat into the room

C. Tertiary air re-ignites the un-burnt gases ensuring a cleaner burn

Cleanburn technology
With incredibly efficient burning of the fuel, this results in an increased heat output, less smoke and a cleaner environment see diagram above.

CE tested and approved
All the stoves in the Parkray range meet the stringent CE approval test requirements.

Exceptionally efficient
Due to the Parkray Cleanburn technology, all stoves in the Parkray range burn exceptionally efficiently and cleanly.

From wood to multi-fuel with a single movement
The integral grate can be changed from wood setting to multi-fuel, with the cold-handled riddling tool.

Safe and efficient overnight burning
By reducing the air inflow to an absolute minimum, the fire will gently smoulder and remain alight throughout the night.
When required, the fire will come to life by simply increasing the air flow into the stove.

Dust free, safe and easy riddling
By simply moving the riddling tool backwards and forwards, which moves the grate open and closed, the stove riddles safely with a minimum of effort. This is undertaken with the doors closed and is completely dust free

Interchangeable flue outlets
All the stoves in the Parkray range can be flued from either the top or the rear of the stove.

Easy access for chimney sweeping
The stoves feature a removable throat plate, giving full and easy access for sweeping the chimney.

Internal lining system
The new internal lining system maximises the firebox temperature, ensuring complete combustion.

Cold-handled riddling tool
The cold handled riddling tool can be used for opening and closing the doors, riddling the grate, grate adjustment and easy removal of the ash pan.

An optional thermostat is available on all central heating models

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